Hengtong Group

Hengtong Group is an international organization with a diverse range of expertise covering optical fiber, power, marine and offshore cable, EPC turnkey service and maintenance, as well as internet of things, big data and e-commerce, emerging materials and new energy.

Hengtong is the largest Optical Fibre and Power Cable manufacturer in China, and is ranked in the top 3 world producers of Optical fibre communications products, and we supply approximately 25% of the domestic market volume and 15% of the international market volume.

Hengtong has 70 wholly-owned companies and holding companies (3 of which are listed on the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Indonesian stock exchanges),with 11 manufacturing facilities based in Europe, South America, South Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. We operate sales offices in over 30 countries and regions around the world, supplying products to over 100 countries.

At the company’s heart is a commitment to innovation and social responsibility. Hengtong is steadily transforming to intelligent manufacturing, with the aim of becoming the most advanced cable manufacturer in the world.

Communication industry:

HENGTONG boasts the whole industrial chains in fiber-optical communication and quantum private communication (optical wand -optical fiber-optical cable-optical device-optical networks) and independent core technology. Dedicated to providing communication system solutions, communication (quantum private communication) engineering and the construction and operation of broadband access to premises network (smart communities and cities), big data and internet security service, Hengtong has formed a comprehensive service model of “Product + Platform + Service”, and has become a leading integrated service provider in the whole value chain of the communication industry, ranking in the top 3 brands of the global optical fiber communication industry.

Electricity industry:

HENGTONG boasts a full series of products ranging from high-end fine materials to special types, high-voltage, super highvoltage, hyper high-voltage and marine power communication products. Dedicated to providing systematic solutions and the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) services for electric power network, intelligent power network, high-speed rail and rail transit, marine engineering, and high-end special equipment, and also involved in the construction and operation o f intelligent charging infrastructure for new – energy automobiles, and t he energy Internet of Things service, Hengtong has formed a comprehensive service model of “Product + Engineering + Service”, and has become a leading solution provider for the energy interconnected system, ranging in the top 5 in areas of marine power engineering and super high-voltage power transmission in the world.

Diversified industrial business:

HENGTONG is dedicated to the research and development as well as the industrialization of the backplane encapsulation of solar panel and relevant new materials; combining heat supply, electricity generation, and electricity selling business, Hengtong enhances the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial park with efficient, clean, as well as energy-saving and environment-protecting technologies; relying on the golden waterway h arbor resources of the Yangtze river and the cross-border trade platform, Hengtong makes an effort to supply customers with comprehensively one-stop commodity & trade logistics services