about us

About the company

It has been an adventure to spearhead this company for so long. Half a century has gone by, since our humble beginning as a steel fabrication factory. At this point in our journey, we feel a sense of elation, looking back; and a sense of destiny, looking ahead. Today, we are a conglomerate that has evolved with the country, fully imbibing its values and principles. We have always considered business with a sense of purpose; of giving to the society that has given us so much.

Our commitment to the people at large and our customers dictated every stage of our expansion in particular. We deem the trust they repose in us as our greatest achievement. Our proactive approach to business, based on global expertise and local knowledge, has given us the cutting edge. However, this would not have been possible without collaborating with a slew of the most treasured brands in the world. Our relationships with them run deep, based on mutual trust and years of collaboration, transparency and fairness. We have helped our partners grow in our market, and they in turn have helped us maintain the attained trust of our customers as providers of quality services and products. Our alliances with them not only support our business activities, but also help nurture an environment of stability, growth and prosperity.

At the core level, we owe our success to our employees, the backbone of our organization. Their integrity and commitment are the seeds from which all achievements bloom. Moreover, we as an organization provide our employees all the opportunities and encouragement to realize their full potential. It is these values that have seen us through thick and thin, and that have given us strength to rise to various challenges over the decades. In today’s world of globalization and fast changing technology, the rules of the game have changed, and the challenges are new. However, there are some things that never change our values and principles, which create a sense of belonging in every member of the group. That is what makes us more than just a corporate entity – a family.

Our story

Founded in 1997, AGW (AlGhanim Wormald Safety & Security Systems Co) has been leading firefighting requirements in Kuwaiti market, ensuring the best quality of equipment and procedure. Having grown in the technical fields, they have grown into general contracting and trade leaders in the Kuwaiti and Regional Markets. AGW is one of the companies of the renowned Ali Alghanim & Sons group, founded in the early 1960’s. This prolific group now owns an investment basket with a variety of companies, leading transformations in the fields of: Automotive, Real Estate, Contracting, Education, It & Networking, Investment, Manufacturing and Production.

Although each subsidiary endeavors to grow an elect set of fields, the group operates with the same vision and core values. These govern our ascent into the national and regional market, and help us maintain our value for our 60 years of prosperity.

the vision

AGW is the market leader in safety, firefighting, engineering, contracting and trading solutions in the region.

the mission

Providing meticulous service analysis, planning, implementation, and after-service for our elite internal and external clients.
We fill our footprint with happy customers through trust, professionalism, and technical aptitude.
We aim to be the largest hub of contracting and trading regionally.

our core values

  • Finding and recruiting world leaders in each field, creating a unique team to consult and collaborate with our clientele.
  • Empowering employees to reach the best outcome achievable, every day
  • Precision and detail-oriented work, with detail-orientated teamwork, which eventually leads to
  • Customer satisfaction through connecting our customers’ needs to our resources and experience.