We provide the below list of out-of-the box services, options for bespoken services are available for elect customers.

  • General contracting & Trading services
  • Consulting services in the relevant fields
  • Plumbing services analysis, planning and implementation.
  • Design, Supply, Installation, Maintenance, and Testing & Commissioning of Fire Protection, Fire Suppression, Room Integrity test, Fire & Gas Detection, Safety & Security and Access Control Systems.
  • Fire Protection products (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Turnkey solutions to all of the oil, gas, power and commercial sectors
  • Sprinklers, Water Spray Systems, Clean Agent “Inergen Fire Suppression Systems”, Dry Powder, VESDA, Foam, Gas and Electrical Fire Detection systems.
  • System Design Software packages and CAD design stations
  • Electrical & Mechanical Systems for fire detection and fighting (Category “A” approved from Kuwait Fire Brigade)